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My favorite vs blogs


An anon asked me who my favorite vs blogs were and I said I’d make a list so here it is(:  If you’re not on here please don’t be offended or anything, knowing me there are blogs I definitely forgot to add D:  They’re in alphabetical order (:

Emily DiDonato, Marloes Horst & Jourdan Dunn for Maybelline #GoExtreme, 2014.

Finally! Emily has been nominated for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge by her friend and model Adrianna Bach. She has now 24 hours!

Emily on Instagram: “NEW @maybelline @maybellinenewyork shot by @richardburbridge”

Emily DiDonato's Vogue Spain cover is coming soon! Stay tuned.

Emily on Instagram: “Vacation I miss you already 💔 #costarica #tamarindo”

Emily DiDonato for Vanity Fair Italy, october 2009. *new*

Emily on Instagram: “Surfing #witchesrock #costarica ✨💙😍”

New updates on Instagram by Emily.
She’s now spending her vacation in Costa Rica!

"actually, I don't think Emily is single. there is a guy in several of her recent Costa Rica pics, and she was also tagged in a picture on a 'double date.' regardless, that is not for us to know, just for emily and her maybe BF to enjoy :) just thought u should kno" - Anonymous

You know, I thought the same thing. There’s this guy that is in many Emily’s photos but we are nobody to say that he’s Emily’s boyfriend. So, until we know something more on her relationship status, I say that she’s single, because we are not allowed to know more.
And don’t worry, I knew all.